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Tracking the many sources of genomic information is beyond the capability of any individual laboratory. Attempting to do so requires a lab to establish broad and expensive capabilities for licensing, acquiring, mining, and continually curating information. As a lab’s test menu grows to address multiple disease indica­tions, these processes must cover a greater breadth of clinical genetics and disease biology knowl­edge. QIAGEN has developed the only publicly available, industrial-scale, clinical-grade technology platform that can cost-effectively enable this capability for NGS testing labora­tories Thanks to an army of hundreds of expert MD and PhD clinical curators, the QIAGEN platform can deliver this information to NGS labs at a fraction of the cost and time required to develop it in-house.

QIAGEN’s integration process for third-party databases and information sources involves correcting errors and gaps, as well as restructuring data formats to enable computation of rules across aggregated data sets. QIAGEN’s curation processes select and consolidate the most relevant information from numerous sources under rigorous QC and QA procedures. Overall, the QIAGEN Knowledge Base has significantly more clinical-grade, oncology-relevant knowledge than any other commercial or open access provider.


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